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A major sticking point for business intelligence (BI) projects is the relationship between IT and the business users. BI requires at least some of the business users to play a highly active role in the design, implementation and ongoing governance of their BI solution. This results in particular challenges in the organizational definition of processes related to a BI project. One current trend for companies facing these challenges is to create a BI Competency Center (BICC).

However, it is hard to find accurate, in-depth information about BICC’s: How prevalent are they? How are they established? Where do they sit in organizations? Are some BICC’s more successful than others? etc.

These and other questions has led BARC – publishers of The OLAP Report and The BI Survey - to initiate a major market research survey to bridge this information gap. The goal is to create a database of primary data, consisting of expert knowledge from around the world, on the organization of BI initiatives and the role and contribution of BICC’s.

Each participant gets a free briefing summarizing the key findings of the survey. BARC additionally donates 1 Euro per participant to the DAHW, an aid organization helping victims of leprosy and tuberculosis.

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About BARC

Delivering unbiased and well-founded knowledge about the software market, BARC - the Business Application Research Center - is the publisher of:

  • The BI Survey — Now in its seventh year of publication, BARC’s BI Survey by Nigel Pendse is an annual report based on the world's largest independent survey of Business Intelligence and Performance Management users.
  • The OLAP Report — The OLAP Report is a rich source of independent research, providing organizations with sophisticated, in-depth product evaluations of Business Intelligence and Performance Management software.

The Business Application Research Center (BARC) was founded in Germany in 1994 as a spin-off from the University of Würzburg’s Chair for Information Science. BARC’s mission is to bring transparency into the software market and provide truly unbiased support for organizations searching for suitable IT solutions. BARC offers neutral and substantiated surveys and market analyses in the field of Business Intelligence and Performance Management.